Who knew?

We did. That’s why we pulled together some eye-opening, mind-blowing, sniffle-free news, tips and insights to keep you feeling good and breathing easy.

Indoor Allergies
Outdoor Allergies
50 Million Allergy Sufferers

And with our 24-hour, over-the-counter, prescription strength relief we’re going to help 49,999,999 of them. Because let’s be real, there’s always that one guy who deserves the allergies. That guy is the worst.

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Deal with It Nigel

Itchy, watery eyes? Not today! Throwing on your favorite shades and adding XYZAL to your routine can help reduce those irritating eye related allergy symptoms.

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Alarm Clock

If you’re this excited at hour one, imagine how you’ll feel when XYZAL is STILL working at hour 24….

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Coming soon: XYZAL—relief from cat dander and cat anger available over the counter on March 15th.

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Pollen Van

This March, allergies won’t stand a chance against our prescription strength 24-hour relief. Bring on the pollen.

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Allergy Dots - The End

Good news. You’re going to be okay. Bad news: It’s allergies. But XYZAL is coming soon. Get ready for effective allergy relief available over the counter in March. Learn more here: xyzal.com

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Nighttime Tips

Don’t lose any more sleep over those good-for-nothing allergies. In March, try XYZAL (and a few of these tips) before bed to relieve your allergy symptoms so you can get a better night’s sleep and wake up ready for a full, productive day. Learn what else XYZAL can do for you: xyzal.com

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Allergy Dots - Worst Ever

Allergy symptoms? Not on our watch. Look for XYZAL, available over the counter in March, for 24-hour allergy relief you can count on. Get the details here: xyzal.com

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